About Us

Bossa Captiva is one of a kind trendy fashion boutique with a splash of Miami vibe!  

We enable our visitors with the ability to explore reasonable international and national trendy fashion styles. 

Each piece is carefully curated by Jessica Lorely, a Miami/Austin entrepreneur,

promoting self-love and uniqueness, empowering women to be little girls with dreams, and women with vision.



A little about the store name:

Bossa Captiva means "captivating trend". 

Bossa is in Portuguese for "trend" or "wave", reason why the logo has a wave, inspiring to a new coming trend.  Captiva comes from Captiva Island, an island in South Florida, just north of Sanibel Island. 

In Latin for "captivating",  according to local folklore, Captiva got its name because the pirate captain Jose Gaspar (Gasparilla) held his female prisoners on the island for ransom.