Brazilian Maio Sereia Arcos Iris

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The swimsuit has full rim and fixed bulge, in sizes S and M bulge with bubble and in sizes L and XL bulge without bubble, which further defines the rounded shape of the breast leaving them beautiful and well sustained mays. It has adjustment on the handle to better fit the bust. With a bracket closure on the back to fit better into different body types. You will look wonderful and will feel super comfortable with this model.

The bottom has delta wing modeling so that it fits better on the body, semi wire model with lining and with double fabric behind that leaves no transparency and provides more comfort.

Color:  Black with pink and neon yellow.


Size reference:  The model wears L swimsuit.

Use bra size as reference:

Top: S 38/40 - M 42 - L 44 - XL 46 SINGLE: 38/40/42

Use the size of the jeans as a reference:

Panties: S 34/36 - M 38/40 - L 42/44 XL - 46 SINGLE 36/38/40


Composition:Bright  cirre fabric with lining.

Made of 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane fabric.  100% cotton lining.


Bikini care: 

Wash by hand with cold water using only mild soap, avoid using washing powder as they are not neutral.

Dry only in the shade.

Do not use a washing machine, dryer or dry cleaning.

Remove the sand residue from the part.

Do not leave damp parts indoors as bags, as they may stain.

Do not leave the product in contact with solar bronzer, solvent and other chemicals

Do not let the pieces soak, do not twist and do not use hot water.

With care and love, your bikini will accompany you for several summers!


Special care in neon parts:

Be very careful with neon parts and fluors, because due to the large pigmentation of paint they run the risk of dropping paint or even staining your bikini.

Please always wash by hand with mild soap and running water.

Never put your neon part in a washing machine or dryer.

Avoid wearing strong colored bikinis with light colored bathing outputs.

NEONS bikinis are beautiful, but unfortunately need special care.