Shea Love in Every Step

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SHEA from the "Get It Girl!" Collection


"Her eyes are blue for the tranquility and purity that is natural in all of our lives.  Let the serenity flow through you, as it always should"

Collection Concept:  This collection is to serve as a reminder of the warrior, visionary, compassionate, go-getter, fearless goddess we are.  We are in this earth to help each other and grow together as a tribe.


Important Facts:

* Each and every one Soulmates products is and will continue to be made by fair, remunerated artisans in Cali, Colombia and Miami, Florida.

* Soulmates is a love connection translated into a wearable art product; the art used for the shoes was created by Isa Zapata using mixed media and edited on Photoshop.

* A percentage from the sale of this collection will be donated to the Suicide Prevention Line.

* The shoes can be washed as many times as needed, we use a sublimation technique that won't let the paint fade with time.
* Shoes come with a super comfy, removable insole that allows you to adjust to half sizes that you can very easily take on and off! If you're in between sizes, we kindly recommend that you size up.